Women's Study

Biblical Womanhood Study begins on Wednesday, October 3rd (6 weeks)

Study Times:

  • 6am in Welcome Center at church - Leader: Mel Nadlman  (DVD series)

  • 9:30am in Loft at church - Leader: Heather Knipstein (DVD series) childcare available
  • 7pm in Rm 211 at church - Leader: Leah Gage  (live teachers) childcare available


Study Session Topics 

Teachers for 7 pm Study:

Lise Brown- Oct. 3 

Kathryn Meece- Oct. 10

Leah Gage- Oct. 17

Darin Hallam - Oct. 24

Susan Kedroski - Oct. 30

Heather Ballard - Nov. 7

These six sessions are taken from the HCBC Womanhood Study to coincide with the Manhood Study: A Man and His Design