WebImageRGBHere at Cityview Bible Church, we 'Love to Serve'.  This theme intentially carries two main ideas:

1) God created each of us with certisn natural talents and spiritual gifts.  When we serve others by using those talents and gifts, we will feel a sense of fullfillment in serving, and we will 'LOVE to Serve.'

2) God shows us what love looks like.  He came to us and served our greatest needs.  His example teaches us this truth: our love for God and for others motivates us to serve them, so we 'LOVE to Serve.'

When we say the word 'serve' we are talking about your volunteer work at Cityview Bible Church.  Maybe that's the time you spend with the facilities team setting up the gym on Sunday mornings, or maybe it's the Kids Life small group you lead, or the time you spend greeting families as they arrive to the YMCA.  Essentially, to serve means to give of your time for the benefit of other people.  

Look, serving others is hard work!  It takes time and effort that could easily be spent elsewhere.  The question of why we serve is the right one, because we want to serve for the right reasons, and we want to LOVE to Serve!  That sense of ministry fulfillment comes from the act of service specifically when we are serving others from a place of love and trust in Jesus, not from a place of obligation. 

These are a few of the reasons we serve:
- Jesus modeled serving others; if He served others, we should too.
- When you serve others, you discover your own gifts and talents.
- You will make lasting relationships with the people on your team.
- Other people at Cityview benefit from your service and volunteer time. 

The following service positions are available:

Facilities: Help prepare the YMCA for Sunday morning activities.  Teams for setup breakdown, and trailer pulling.

Children's Ministry: Guide children from birth to 4th grade toward life with Jesus.  Lead classrooms, or lead small groups of children in weekly lessons. 

Connections: Welcome visitors and our Cityview family members to church each week, and provide a friendly atmosphere all around for the YMCA.  Follow up with visitors, host families on the way to Children's ministry, or provide safety and security at the YMCA. 

Story Team: Help share the testimonies of Cityview in written stories, video, and photographs.

Worship: Guide the congregation in heart-felt worship of our Savior.

Join the Journey: Create and edit the daily devotions to be used by the Cityview family each day in 2016.

Sunday Video Team: Capture and upload the Sunday morning services for online streaming.

Students: Connect with, chaperone, encourage, and disciple students within the Cityview family; 5th grade - college and young adult.

Finance Ministry: Work with our treasurer to maintain high levels of integrity and security as they relate to our church finances.

Prayer Ministry: Sunday morning and weekday prayer teams who pray over the needs of our church family.  Pray with a group during each of the Sunday worship services.

Small Groups: Lead a group of couples and/or individuals in small group discussion of the sermon from Sunday morning.  Engage others from Cityview in their spiritual growth.  

Community Impact: Work with men, women, and children from community organizations around Round Rock.

Evangelism: Work with our church family to train in evangelism and lead others to Christ. 

Benevolence: Provide guidance in conversations with others who request financial assistance. 

When you are ready to jump in and find a place to serve, all of our teams are committed to making the transition as simple as possible for you. Please email and we can connect you with the right person.