New Life in Christ #7

August 19, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: New Life in Christ

Scripture: Romans 8:31–8:39

New Life in Christ #7 – Romans 8:31-39

Because God is ___________ in our salvation,

we are _____________ in His love.


The Confidence of those in Christ:


  • We are never ______________. (8:31)  

        (No enemy will overcome us)


  • We have a secure ________________. (8:32)

(No thief can steal what God has given)


  • We are ____________ with God. (8:33)

(No accusation will stick)


  • We have an ______________ with God. (8:34)

(No condemnation will remain)


  • We are ______________ forever. (8:35-39)

(Nothing can ever separate us from His love)


The Point of Romans 1-8:


The hope for a world broken and scarred by sin resides not in our great love for God, but only in God’s great love for us.


How do we experience that love for ourselves? 

Through faith in Jesus Christ.

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