New Life in Christ #5

August 5, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: New Life in Christ

Scripture: Romans 8:1–8:17

New Life in Christ #5 – Romans 8:1-17

Romans 1-3: the curse of sin has infected every part of our lives and every corner of our world. (Our Problem)

Romans 3-5: our righteous standing before God comes by faith in Jesus Christ, not by our good works. (God’s Gift)

Romans 6-8: our righteous life in Christ comes by walking in the Holy Spirit, not by relying on our own strength.  (Our New Life)


Romans 8:1-17 The Life-Changing Work of the Holy Spirit


The Ministries of the Spirit               The Failures of the Flesh

  1. Removes guilt & ________           1. Heaps on ______________
  1. Brings life & _______                  2. Fuels anxiety & __________
  1. Resurrection ________                3. _______________ focus
  1. Transformed ____________        4. Serves sinful _____________ 
  1. Assurance of ________                5. Feeds ____ of losing God’s love


Now What?


Christian sanctification is a relational process whereby we learn to depend on the power of the Spirit and starve the desires of the flesh.


The Holy Spirit is worthy of our love, trust, and dependence.   He is always with us and is for our good. 

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