Scandal of Grace #2

April 8, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: The Scandal of Grace

Scripture: Romans 4:1–4:12

Sermon Outline

The revelation of Romans 3:21-31 was that sinners can be justified before a holy God by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.


Is this a brand new idea?  No!


Three Illustrations:

1. The Life of Abraham (4:1-5)

The story of Abraham helps us to see that justification happens in a ___________ but sanctification happens over a ____________. 


2. The Song of David (4:6-8)

The story of David teaches us that justification removes the ______________ penalty of our sin, but it doesn’t remove the ______________ consequences of our sin.


3. The Sign of Circumcision (4:9-12) 

The story of circumcision reveals that we should not place a greater emphasis on the ____________ _____________ than the ______________ ________________ with the living God. 


What’s the point of these OT illustrations?


What is God teaching you today?

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