Our Broken World #4

March 11, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Our Broken World

Scripture: Romans 3:1–3:8

Sermon Outline

Our Objections to the Gospel:

  • Objections of the mind
  • Objections of the heart
  • Objections of the will

Romans 1:18-32 Diagnoses the Spiritual Root of our Brokenness
Romans 2:1-16 Exposes our Universal Guilt before a Holy God
Romans 2:17-29 Reveals the Insufficiency of Religion
Paul answers FOUR objections to his analysis of our broken world:

  1. If religion can’t reconcile us to God, then what’s the value of the Old Testament Covenants that God made with the Jews? 
  2. Will the unfaithfulness of God’s people nullify God’s faithfulness?
  3. Is God unjust to inflict wrath on us if our unrighteousness highlights God’s righteousness?
  4. If you keep preaching that people are saved outside the law, won’t that just excuse sin and immorality?

How do we hold all this together?
At the cross!

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