Our Broken World #3

March 4, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Our Broken World

Scripture: Romans 2:17–2:29

Sermon Outline

Romans 1:18-32 Diagnoses the Problem: The Human Heart
Truth Suppression, Idol Creation, Immorality Defense
Romans 2:1-16 Explains the Consequence: Guilt
We stand guilty before the judgment of a holy God.
Today’s Q: How do we DEAL with our GUILT?
Some people try to ignore or avoid their guilt before God.
Many people seek to resolve their guilt before God on their own.

Three Trademarks of Religion:

  1. Confidence in Collective Identity
  2. Confidence in Mastering Content
  3. Confidence in Traditions

Religion and Gospel Christianity:

  • Religion focuses on outward appearance; gospel Christianity focuses on the condition of the heart.
  • Religion focuses on the letter of the law; gospel Christianity focuses on the work of the Spirit.
  • Religion focuses on getting praise from people; gospel Christianity focuses on our relationship with God.

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