Our Broken World #1

February 18, 2018 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Our Broken World

Scripture: Romans 1:18–1:32

Sermon Outline

BIG Question: What’s wrong with our world?

Why is the right diagnosis of the problem so important?
       Wrong diagnoses lead to wrong ______________

The ROOT (foundational) cause of our broken world is ____________ people rebelling against our holy Creator, provoking His wrath.


What is God’s wrath?
      The response of His _____________ against ________ in His creation.

How is God’s wrath revealed against us? 3 ways…

  • Wrath ___________
  • Wrath _____________________
  • Wrath ___________

Why is God’s wrath against us right and just?

  • We _______________ the truth.
  • We _________________ the glory of the One True God for idols.
  • We justify and ______________ immoral behavior.


So what is the right diagnosis of our broken world?


So What? Impact of this revelation on 3 spheres of life:

  • My own life:
  • Raising the next generation:
  • Helping the world:

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