The Search

September 24, 2017 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: The Search for Joy

Sermon Outline

The Story of Creation



Why This World Never Fully Satisfies 



The Pathway to Joy



Specific Examples



Personal Study Guide

Sermon Response:

  • What was your primary take-away from the sermon on Sunday? How did the Lord challenge you to apply the truth that you heard? 

Study the Word:

  • Read Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. What did Solomon learn from his search for joy? Read Ecclesiastes 12:12-14. Based on his life and experiences, what did Solomon most want his son to know?
  • Read Ecclesiastes 5:18-19 and Exodus 20:1-6. What is the difference between enjoying God’s creation and making an idol out of God’s creation? How do you know when you have crossed the line from one to the other?

 Personal Application:

  • What has been your experience with searching for joy inside of creation? What has brought you the most joy and the most pain? What conclusions have you come to about the search for joy?
  • What parts of God’s creation are you most tempted to turn into an idol in your own life? What has been the result of putting things (or people) ahead of God in your life?

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