Wisdom & Wealth #3: Avoiding Pitfalls

June 18, 2017 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Wisdom & Wealth

Scripture: Proverbs 24:30–24:34, Proverbs 23:17–23:21, Proverbs 13:7, Proverbs 6:1–6:5, Proverbs 26:10, Proverbs 22:7

Wisdom & Wealth #3: Avoiding Pitfalls

#1 – We avoid the pitfall of ______________.
Proverbs 24:30-34

#2 – We avoid the pitfalls of _______ and __________.
Proverbs 23:17-21

#3 – We avoid the pitfall of ________ financial arrangements.
Proverbs 6:1-5

Put It All Together:




Growth Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Response:

(1) What was your primary take-away from the sermon on Sunday? How did the Lord challenge you to apply the truth that you heard?

Study the Word:

(1) Read Proverbs 24:30-34. What does the writer mean when he says he “saw, and took it to heart”? What lessons did he take to heart from looking at the plight of the “slacker”?

(2) Read Proverbs 23:17-21. What is the difference between a healthy ambition to succeed and destructive greed? How do you know if you are a greedy person? How are envy and greed related in your life?

Personal Application:

(1) How are you doing in keeping your spending within your means? What do you need to change next month to live within your budget and avoid the pitfall of debt? What do you need to do to get out of the debt your in?

In what area of your life (work, home, church) are you most tempted with laziness? Why do you think you can easily be lazy in that area? What specifically is God asking you to do to work hard in every area of your life?

Preached @ Cityview Bible Church: 6/18/17
Available for download at www.cityviewbible.org/sermons

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