Rushing Wind #3: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

May 7, 2017 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Rushing Wind: The Story of The Spirit

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:24–36:27, Galatians 5:16–5:26

Rushing Wind #3: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

How do you know that the Holy Spirit controls your life?

The greatest evidence of the Spirit’s work in your life is not singular
_______________ of His power, but the ongoing _________________
of your character into the likeness of Jesus.

The Long-Term Purpose of the Spirit’s Work:
Ezekiel 36:24-27

1) To give people a __________________ that actually desires to
walk in obedience to the commands of God.

2) To create a _________________________ of people who are
collectively marked by the holiness of God.

Practically, What Does This Mean For Us?
Galatians 5:16-26

1) _________________ the Works of the Flesh
External Sins:
Internal Sins:
Why fight the flesh?

2) __________________ the Fruit of the Spirit
Right Soil:
Fresh Water:
Abundant Sunlight:

The Bottom Line: The Holy Spirit produces _______ _____________.

Growth Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Response:

(1) What was your primary take-away from the sermon on Sunday? How did
the Lord challenge you to apply the truth that you heard?

Study the Word:

(1) Read Ezekiel 36:22-28. According to these verses, what is God’s motivation
for pouring out His Spirit on His people? What will be the result of the
Spirit’s ministry?

(2) Read Galatians 5:16-26. What is the relationship between the Spirit of God
and the law of God? What does Paul mean when he writes that we are not
under the law if we are led by the Spirit?

Personal Application:

(1) Is your life marked more by the “works of the flesh” or the “fruit of the
Spirit”? How would the people who know you the best answer that

(2) Do you desire to be holy like God is holy? Do you have the right elements in
place in your life to produce godly fruit over time? What change is God
leading you to make today?

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