The Cross of Christ #7: Jesus Raised

April 16, 2017 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: The Cross of Christ

Scripture: John 20:1–20:31

The Cross of Christ #7: Jesus Raised

John 20:1-31

The First Doubters

Mary Magdalene (John 20:1-2, 11-18)
She doubted what she _______________.

Peter and John (John 20:3-10, 19-23)
They doubted what they ______________.

The Apostle Thomas (John 20:24-29)
He doubted what he ________________.

How did these Doubters become Believers?

1- The weight of the ______________________:

2- Personal ___________________ with the Risen Jesus:

What about You and Me? (John 20:30-31)

Growth Group Study Guide

Study the Word:

(1) Read John 20:1-18 and Luke 8:1-2. Based on the testimony of Luke and John, why was Mary Magdalene a disciple of Jesus? What is the historical significance of her being one of the first witnesses to the resurrection? What is the importance of Jesus’ command to her in John 19:17?

(2) Read John 20:19-31. Why does Jesus breathe on his disciples and tell them to receive the Holy Spirit in John 20:22? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing people to faith in Jesus? What does it look like to partner with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Risen Christ with the world?

Personal Application:

(1) Do you ever struggle with doubt in your heart and mind? What causes you to doubt God? Why is the historical reality of the resurrection so important in overcoming doubt? How would you respond to someone who comes to you and expresses doubts about Christianity?

(2) Describe a time in your life when you had a personal encounter with God. How did that help your faith? Why is it important that our faith includes both our minds (knowledge) and our hearts (experience)? What does it look like to have a daily encounter with the Risen Jesus?

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