From Slavery to Freedom

January 29, 2017 Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Hope Unbound: Breaking the Chains of Destructive Habits

Scripture: Mark 5:1–5:6, James 4:1–4:3, Mark 5:6–5:14, Mark 5:15–5:17, Mark 5:18–5:20

Sermon Outline

All our destructive habits are ultimately __________________ in nature.

One Man’s Condition (Mark 5:1-6)

Every Person’s Condition (James 4:1-3)

Jesus’ Authority (Mark 5:6-14)

The Results of Spiritual Freedom (Mark 5:15-17)

Walking in Freedom (Mark 5:18-20)

Growth Group Discussion Guide

Getting Started:

(1) What have you learned about God and yourself during this series? What will you take with you into your future battles with destructive habits? 

(2) What is the best way to respond when someone confesses a destructive habit to you? 

Getting Into the Word:

(1) Read Romans 6:1-11. What does the text mean when it says we were formerly “enslaved to sin”? If we have been truly set free by Christ, why do we so often still feel enslaved to our sin? 

(2) Read Romans 6:12-14. How should we live now that Jesus has set us free from the power of sin? What are the practical steps to walking in that freedom every day? 

(3) Read Romans 6:15-23. Paul writes that believers are now “enslaved to God.” Why is it for our good to live as a slave to God? Why do we struggle to live as slaves to God?

(4) Read James 4:7-12. Now that we have been freed from the reign of sin, how should we respond to the enemy when he tries to deceive us? How should we now treat one another? 


Getting Honest:

(1) How have you attempted to change your destructive habits without relying on the power and presence of God? What was the result of seeking freedom apart from God?

(2) Think about a time in your life when you walked in freedom for a season only to return to your destructive habit later. What happened? Why did you return to something you knew was self-destructive? 

(3) A huge part of ongoing recovery is helping other people find freedom. As a Christian, we are commanded to be ambassadors for Christ. Why is leading others to freedom in Christ such an important part of walking in freedom ourselves? 

(4) At the end of this series, where do you still feel stuck and defeated? What do you think your next steps are to find full recovery from your destructive habits? 

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