Tell the World: The Scope

September 18, 2016 Series: Tell The World

Scripture: Genesis 22:18, John 3:16, Matthew 28:16–28:20, Revelation 7:9–7:10

Sermon Outline

The Greatest Need in the World:
A sinful humanity alienated from a holy God.

God’s Answer:
The cross of Jesus Christ that reconciles us to God.

Who is the cross for?
The Nations

The Problem: ___________________

Our Strategy: The ____________ ______________

7 Ways We Are Part of God’s Global Mission:

  1. Sharing Jesus ____________
  2. Planting ____________
  3. Short-term __________ ___________
  4. Supporting _____________
  5. Bible translation
  6. Sending ______________  
  7. ____________

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? 

  1. Listen!
    2. Obey!

Growth Group Study Guide

Getting Started:
(1) If you could visit one country in the world, where would you go, and why?

(2) Share about your favorite international trip you’ve ever taken. What did you notice about the culture that was different than the United States?

(3) What did you think about Pastor Jacob’s sermon from Sunday? What did you agree with or disagree with?

Getting Into the Word:
(1) Read John 3:16-18. How does the Gospel transcend cultures, races, backgrounds, etc.?

(2) Take time to read Acts 10 before your Growth Group meets. Specifically focus on Acts 10:28, Acts 10:34-35, and Acts 10:44-48. What did the Lord teach Peter about Himself through his experience with Cornelius?

(3) Read Matthew 24:9-14. How does fear threaten our obedience to obey God in sharing Him with the world? How does hope give us boldness to follow Jesus?

Getting Honest:
(1) Why are we naturally drawn to people most like us? What difficulties do you face with befriending and demonstrating compassion for people who come from different backgrounds or cultures than you?

(2) What barriers to mission do you face and why?

(3) Do you agree that the best strategy for making disciples is through the local church? What factors determine whether a church is successful in making disciples?

(4) In light of what you’ve heard, what is the Holy Spirit asking you to do?

(5) Why are prayer and worship an important part of mission? Who do you know who needs to be reconciled to God? End your group by praying for these people by name.

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