Healing from Sexual Wounds

March 13, 2016 Speaker: David Burleson Series: Divine Sex

Scripture: John 8:1–8:10

Joy in Relationships
1- God made us as relational beings designed for the _________ of connecting with God and other people.
2- Joy is what we feel when someone is ________ to be _______ us. Genesis 2:23-25
3- Satan wants to destroy your joy and bury you in _____________. Genesis 3:1-7

Guilt, Shame, and Condemnation
1- Guilt is what we feel when we do something _________.
2- Shame is what we feel when others are ______ ______ to be with us and we feel unworthy of connecting in a relationship.
3- Condemnation is another word for shame where we or others pronounce us as _________ for relationships.

A Woman caught in the Act – John 8:1-10

A Path Forward
1- The grace of God ____________ to the _____________ of our sexual sin and sexual wounds.
2- Jesus loves us and offers _________ even when everyone else in our life offers __________________.
3- The _______ of God is able to ______ the scars of sexual wounds.
4- Healing and recovery requires ____________, asking for ________ from others, and _________________ with God.
5- The pain from sexual sin is uniquely __________, but the grace of God is ____________ _________. Hebrews 12:2

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