Hope When it Hurts

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Hope When it Hurts

One of the universal human experiences that unites us to each other is the experience of pain and suffering. We are more vulnerable than we like to admit. We all hurt. Where do we turn for hope when life hurts? Some ignore the pain, imagining that if they just don’t pay attention to it, it will eventually go away. Some seek to drown their pain in alcohol or drugs while others plow themselves into their work or hobbies. The reality is that we are all looking for hope when life hurts. But where do we turn? In January, 2016, at Cityview, we will look to the wisdom of the Bible to find lasting hope when we go through suffering. God has given us words of life to anchor our souls. Join us as we find hope when it hurts.

January 24, 2016

Facing Death

Series: Hope When it Hurts Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:13–4:14

January 17, 2016


Speaker: Keith Ferguson Series: Hope When it Hurts Scripture: Matthew 18:21–18:35