NEXT (Young Adults)


NEXT is our ministry for millenials. This ministry is focused on providing a place for millenials to find community and assimilate into the life of our church.

Vision: To provide an environment for millenials to be discipled within a friendly community.

Who is welcome?

Anyone married, single, from post-college age to 35, and considers themselves to be a millennial.

When does NEXT meet?

We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8.

What do we provide at NEXT?

Every Tuesday night we meet together as a community. During this time we pray together, encourage one another, and discuss the most recent sermon. We also provide social and service events for people to connect more.

How can I receive information about NEXT?

The best way to start receiving information about NEXT is to contact Kelli Keyes at or 512-750-5178.

Why do we need NEXT?

The city of Round Rock is well positioned to welcome and provide for the needs of families. However, as our city expands, more millenials (single and young married people) are moving into Round Rock and small groups for unmarried people especially are hard to find. Our desire is to provide a place for millenials to make friends and assimilate into the life of our church. NEXT is our vehicle to help participants find community, be discipled, and assimilate into the life of our church as they get to know us more and serve in regular ministries.