GO Chicago

GO Chicago

Leader: Scott McBroom
July 21-27, 2018 | $1200

The most diverse region in the Midwest, Chicago boasts over 200 ethnic and language groups. From the famous deep-dish pizza to Ukrainian borsch to dim sum in Chinatown, it's all authentic. However, Chicago also remains one of the most segregated cities in the US. Racial tensions run high, and the 165,000 homeless have overwhelmed the city's resources. AIDS, prostitution, gang violence, and drug abuse feed a perpetual cycle of decay that haunts the city.

There will be 3 ministry teams on this trip:

Service Projects: This team will have an opportunity for restoration projects within the city, working alongside community works programs. This could look like park clean up, maintenance at retirement homes, serving the overworked pastors etc.
Evangelism: This team will be doing things like buying peoples Coffee and paying for their laundry, as well as prayer stations. 
Kids Club: Mini Go Round Rock kids clubs in Humbolt park and Wicker Park, to help kids see the life changing reality of Jesus Christ.


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