GO Belize

GO Belize

Leader: John Garrett 
March 18-23, 2019  |  $2000

Most people think of a tourist desitnation when they think of Belize, but in Belize, 40% of the population lives in poverty, school for anyone over 12 years old is not free, 23% of people over 15 cannot read or write, and without an education, the poverty cycle continues for generations.

Cityview will be partnering with Pathlight International to help provide education opportunities for all. This includes building, painting and repairing classrooms to improve the educational experience for all and hosting computer workshops, science camps, or art, music, and sports activities for students.

Pathlight inspires hope by partnering with schools, churches, and residents of under resourced and overlooked communities so that young people become steadfast followers of Christ, receive a quality education, and pursue pathways that lead to meaningful vocation.

Cityview will take a team of all ages to Belize at Spring Break to work alongside Pathlight International to accomplish this goal.

This trip is closed, however, you can still support the team financially or in prayer.


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