GO Athens Team Update

GO Athens Church

“God has brought together a diverse team of 13 people to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the refugees in Athens, Greece. We are so excited to share the love of God with those we meet, especially considering the unbelievably difficult circumstances the refugees have had to endure to make it to Greece. Preparing for this trip has already changed us as a team. God has given us eyes to see the plight of the refugee, and God has given us hearts to love Muslims. It is so exciting to think that we could be the first Christians that these refugees ever meet. What an amazing opportunity to introduce these men, women, and children to a loving God who sent His Son to rescue and redeem them. We count it a privilege to serve, pray for, and speak the name of Jesus over those who have suffered so much over the course of their lives.

GO Athens Prayer

As you pray for your team, please pray for the health of our team and the health of our families while we are away. Pray for the hearts of those we will minister to in the name of Jesus. Pray that they will be open to hearing about the crucified and risen Christ. Pray that we will preach Christ crucified (1 Corinthians 1:23) and that the Spirit will move in power to demonstrate the truth of the message (1 Corinthians 2:1-5). Pray that the people we talk to will see our love for them as we go. And pray that God will open the hearts of many to the gospel. This is hard soil that we are working, but our God specializes in changing the hardest hearts!”