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All Will Know Update - February 2016

One year ago, the elders of Cityview Bible Church led us through a spiritual journey together for the purposes of giving toward the cost of constructing our first permanent facility for ministry. The campaign was called All Will Know, words from Solomon's prayer in 2 Chronicles 6:33. His prayer for Israel's new temple and our prayer for our new building were the same: that God would use this new facility as a place where all people would know the greatness of our God. In other words, we believe that this new building is one tool that we can use to help every man, woman, and child in Greater Austin hear the good news of Jesus.

Giving Update

In May of 2015, we started collecting financial pledges and gifts toward the All Will Know (AWK) effort. As a congregation, we turned in pledges to give $3,050,000 over the 3 year campaign. Where are we today? As of the end of January 2016, we have collected $800,543 toward our $3 million campaign total. To everyone who has been giving toward the AWK effort, thank you so much for your generosity and sacrifice! To everyone who has yet to get involved or start giving toward your pledge, we need your help. Every dollar that we collect now is one less dollar that we have to borrow in the construction process!

Construction Update

So, what's happening next? Our architects are almost done with the final construction draws, and our general contractor will be putting the work out for bid later this spring. Our building committee has been working very hard overseeing the whole process. Our site-work permits have been submitted to the City of Round Rock, and we are waiting for final approval from the city before we can officially break ground. Please join us in prayer for favor with all the Round Rock officials who need to approve our plans.

Spiritual Reminder

In the midst of all of this church-wide activity, the truth is that the heart of this campaign is about individual people walking by faith in their giving. I know that Barie and I have felt the crunch of our AWK giving over the last few months. Raising six kids is expensive! It is a challenge every month to give first and trust that the Lord is going to meet our needs as a family. We can't do it without prayer and the support of other believers who are joining us in this effort. If you are struggling with your campaign giving, you are not alone. We are all in this together. Pray for God's help and be honest with others in the Cityview family. Ask them to pray for you as you seek to give sacrificially to this campaign.

How To Give

If you are interesting in making a gift toward the All Will Know building campaign, you can always drop a check in the offering plate on Sunday (mark it All Will Know on the memo line), mail a check to our office (2120 N. May St, Suite 290, Round Rock, TX 78664), or give online through your City account (, making sure to select the #2 fund for the All Will Know Building Fund.

I am so proud to be part of a congregation that is investing in the future, believing that 2, 25, 50, or even 100 years from now, someone's life will be changed forever at Cityview Bible Church because of what we invested in 2016 in the All Will Know campaign. Keep up the great work, Cityview family. And as always, let our elders know how we can pray for you. We love you and pray for you each week.

Until Everyone Hears-

Pastor Keith

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